Flowers For Dummies

You can get any vegetable or melon to grow to extreme size. It's a guarded secret among the old farmer's but I'll break ranks and give you some tips. Lets use a pumpkin for example.

The first pumpkin to set on your vine will have the best chance to grow large. Once the first pumpkin is set prune off all other sets during the growing season.

You have to water, water, water. If you don't the fertilizer will burn up the plant. This technique will work on all vines.

Work in cotton burrs or cotton seed hulls to keep the soil loose. You can add potting soil to a 50/50 mix to keep it loose. Space for the single plant is critical.

So once the small sprouts emerge thin them out to one every 10 or 12 inches. Again feed the plant a water soluble fertilizer and water like mad. Don't drown the plant or you will get into disease problems.

A quick tour of part of Dutch Brad's garden for growing giant vegetables, including what might be a world record marrow.

My final results at the Giant Vegetable Championship were:

Marrow - 206.5 lbs = World Record

Long Gourd - 98.8 in = Dutch record

Beetroot - 51.0 lbs = 1/2 lb short of WR

Pumpkin - 1135 lbs = 1st place in Holland

Carrot - 5.40 lbs = 1st place in Holland

Sunflower - 15 ft 1 in = 2nd place in Holland

Corn - 14 ft 6 in = 3rd place in Europe

Babies in pumpkin

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